The Oliver Gobat Sports Fund

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The Oliver Gobat Sports Fund

The Oliver Gobat Sports Fund (TOGS fund) has been set up by the Gobat family in Ollie’s memory,  to offer financial support to Saint Lucian nationals under 21 years of age, who wish to pursue their sporting endeavours, whatever they might be. This might include sporting equipment, travel to events, coaching.

We would like to cover support which is not available through a sporting association or from government.


The applicant must be a Saint Lucian national, preferably under 21 of age, but requests will be considered on an individual basis


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Latest Nov 28th 2017

TOGS Fund was set up in 2016 in memory of Ollie Gobat, who died tragically in April 2014. He loved sport and it kept him going through tough times.You can read more about this on TOGS website, see below. Criteria for applicants to the fund is that they be St Lucian nationals and are under 21. Who knows we may even have someone get to the 2020 Olympics with our help!

We try to give a full account once a year to all our supporters and donors, usually in November around Ollie’s birthday. We are a bit late this year, but with this update comes a request for support from you all, a little goes a long way and demand has far outstripped what we can offer.

More information is available at:, and a new domain of :, including sponsorship details and a form for applicants. If you wish to donate, there is a Sponsorship form on the website, and bank details for direct transfer, the account number is: 7104383. Sometimes donors find this difficult to transfer from abroad, so please let me know if this is the case, and we can forward funds from our personal account here in the UK if that is easier. 

TOGS Fund gained status as a Not for Profit Company in November 2016, and we have just submitted our first Year End accounts to the tax man.We raised and dispersed EC$85,644 in 2016, and in 2017 the total has reached EC$129,051. We try as much as possible to pass funds on to applicants as soon as they became available, with minimal delay. Overhead costs are limited to legal fees for setting up the company, costs related to fund-raising events and publicity, and of course for submitting our returns. We have 3 directors: Theo, myself as administrator, and Ross Stevenson on the ground in St Lucia giving out the cheques. 

We had a large donation from the Sunwing Foundation early this year, this being a family fund behind the company setting up The Royalton Hotel. This allowed us to hold The Ollie Gobat Cricket tournament in Jan/Feb, which involved 13 teams around the island. We also were able to sponsor Sharks Swim Club with The Ollie Gobat Swim Meet in June. Sadly for TOGS, Sunwing have decided to assist with local schools in conjunction with the Canadian Government. 

The Tennis Association held an Easter tournament for Juniors which we supported fully. Several young promising tennis players were assisted in overseas competitions, and we are pleased to report they are now ranking well within the Caribbean and OECS and COTECC.

Tennis,  Swimming and Cricket have been our biggest beneficiaries, but we have also supported Athletics, Squash, Golf, Sailing, Volleyball, Summer campsBoxing and Bodybuilding! On a small island it is increasingly important for young athletes to gain competitive experience overseas, and they gain even more from the overall experience. We recently also sponsored teams in the Triathlon.

We have the benefit of assistance for our website from Chris Gardiner, and graphic design from Jo Boxhall, and lastly our accounts were done by Archie Glasgow, all for no fee. I try and keep a Facebook page up to date with latest successful applications, so if you would like to follow us on FB please find: TOGS.

For ongoing funding, we  have introduced an optional US$1 supplement on all cover charges in our restaurants at Cap Maison: The Cliff at Cap and The Naked Fisherman. This should prove to be a more constant, if small, source of income for TOGS.

Hopefully Ollie would be delighted that we are now a force for good in the sporting world of St Lucia. Demand is always greater than what is available, but hopefully in time we can grow and support more athletes. I attach detailed excel sheets of applicants but prefer to keep the actual amounts donated discreet, so as not to start arguments and competition! We did not know who would come forward but we do try and check out all applicants, and these do include sporting associations.

NB: There will again be an Ollie Gobat Golf tournament on Feb 3th 2018 at what is now the Sandals Golf course. Flyers will be out soon, book early to avoid disappointment!

Thanks to all our existing supporters, let’s hope the network grows ever wider!

Helen Gobat 

Our mission statement about sport:

We believe that sport can offer young people many thingsIt helps develop:
- Constructive use of energy in growing youths
- A sense of self-esteem
- Teamwork
- Responsibility
- An understanding of health and fitness, and a fit body
- Self-discipline
- Motivation and objectives
- An avenue for career development
- A sense of achievement
- A hobby for life
- Enjoyment! 


We are delighted to have assisted many young athletes and their associations during the year. It seems we have plumbed a need and although we do not manage to meet all requests, over time we would hope to grow and achieve a greater network. 


We held 2 golf events in the UK, and 1 golf event in St Lucia ,which together raised EC$76,000, and a further $7,724 from private individuals. We are very grateful to those who helped organise the events, both in the UK and here, and for the sponsors. Hopefully we have thanked them personally elsewhere! We are also grateful to Chris Gardiner (of eMagine Solutions Inc.) for his ongoing help with the website, and to Jo Boxall for her graphic work.

As from this week we are a fully registered Not for Profit company (charity) and therefore, finally have been able to open a bank account. This means we can now ask for ongoing sponsorship from our international network of friends, rather than rely only upon specific events as our sole form of funding. 


We had no idea what type of requests would come to TOGS, so have been pleasantly surprised by the variety. Mostly young athletes need assistance to attend off-island sporting competitions where they can extend their development. Both the individuals and St Lucia should be proud of their achievements.

Below is a list of the successful applicants:

Morne Athletic Association, trainers for the whole team and travel to competition overseas.
Individual athlete Daniel Eugene for his ongoing training at 800 and1500 metres.
Nightriders, 100 and 200 metres, for attendance at the Hampton Games.
Gros Islet Athletics club for clothes and equipment. 

Micoud Huztlers, for branding and court repairs 

Boxing Association, for gym improvements. his club has over 80 young members from 12 different schools 

Sponsorship of 4 promising cricketers to attend an event in New York
Assistance for Ferdil Joseph to participate in a Women's cricket tour in the UK 

Assistance for 4 promising young golfers to attend a competition in Trinidad. 

A coach for 6 months. 

We have a commitment ahead for the SLU Squash Association. 

Seajays swim club for a coach.
Lightning swim club for travel to an overseas event
Individual swimmers Mikaili Charlemagne and Allandre Cross to travel to an overseas competition. 

Sports academy hosts a Sports Performance Camp annually in Gros Islet in the summer (60 children from a variety of socio-economic backgounds). Our contribution paid for one week of the camp. 

Meggan Williams and Adriel Bousquet to travel to overseas tournaments.
National Tennis Centre for a contribution to a coach for their Youth Programme. 

Sponsorship of participation in the TRISLU for a group of country youths organised by Lucian Aid. 

Participation in the 2016 Youth ECVA Men and Women's Volleyball Championship in Antigua. 

As no one is employed by TOGS, all funds go directly to applicants, other than expenses for the events, trophies and advertising.

After legal expenses in setting up TOGS Fund Inc, we do not anticipate any more expenses, so all funds raised go out to applicants. It is also our principle to meet needs as they arise, we do not make decisions with committees, and if applicants are disappointed because someone else has go funding ahead of them, we can always direct funding their way next time.

Whilst we have not met all the needs, and have about $20,000 in current requests, we do hope that we are soon able to meet more needs.

A Golf event will be held at Cap Estate Golf Club on the 29th of January 2017.

about oliver gobat

the man behind the fund

a business professional

avid sportsman

a friend to many

an adventurer & Explorer

a son & brother

Ollie Gobat was tragically murdered in Saint Lucia on 25th April 2014, at the age of 38. He was born in Saint Lucia, and loved the country of his birth. He was training to represent Saint Lucia at squash in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow when he died.

Sport was Ollie’s great passion: whichever sport he chose to play he gave it his all and excelled. Every day, wherever he was in the world, he felt it imperative to exercise and as a result he kept extremely fit. At the age of 13, Ollie was diagnosed with bone cancer, and spent a year in treatment, in and out of hospital 17 times, and he conquered the disease. The week he was diagnosed, he played in 2 school cricket matches, an athletics competition, a swimming meet, and had a trial for Surrey Cricket – all with a painful swelling in his chest. That shows his dedication to sport. He began playing golf during that year, the only sport he could really manage, and shared a round with Nick Faldo, the 1990 British Open winner.

Ollie would want to encourage other young people to have the opportunity to pursue and achieve their sporting goals. As a family, we want to remember him in this way, and to make it as easy as possible to meet these needs, by setting up a charity to be called: The Oliver Gobat Sports Fund (TOGS fund). Fund raising events will be held in Saint Lucia and elsewhere – our first golf event in May in the UK was very successful.

Criteria for sponsorship will be that the young person should be a Saint Lucian national, and ideally under the age of 21, although all requests will be carefully considered, whether for travel to events, sporting equipment, or coaching. We would not want to duplicate what is already being funded by sports associations or by government.

For those who would like to support this charity, we will be offering an annual membership/sponsorship of US$20, and of course would keep you updated through our website.


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